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Companies We Recommend
For a Merchant Account


Learn about companies we have hand-picked, which will provide you with the ability to accept credit cards on your web site. (any rates listed below are subject to change without notice)

* Third Party Processors . . .

» Click here for an overview of third party processors.

» Click Bank
Use if you are selling digital or intangible products. Intangible = consulting services, downloads, web design, basically - products/services you do not ship to your customer. Set up in 10 minutes. Very reliable. Also allows you to operate a super-easy affiliate program with no extra charge to members.

  • Provide international fraud screening by ccScan®

  • Handle all customer billing, billing inquiries, and bank inquiries

  • Connect your web site to our network of over 100,000 affiliate sites

  • Process all of your sales volume. No sales caps.

  • Built-in affiliate program

  • Real-time sales reporting

  • Sends you and your affiliates a paycheck twice each month

  • One-time $49.95 activation fee, and a $1 + 7.5% fee per sale

  • No monthly fees

» CCNow
Use for selling tangibles only. Shopping cart, no upfront fees. One of the lowest rates around. Applications accepted from US and non-US residents.

  • Use with any web hosting service because there are no special set-ups required

  • $9.95 fee per month for a Mandatory Monthly Promotional Program - they promote your website

  • Holds 10 percent of earnings greater than $1,000 for approximately 90 days after shipment.

  • No fee for chargebacks

  • Delivers revenues to merchants twice monthly.

  • Direct Deposit available

  • No processing fee if your monthly sales volume is between $0.00-$100.00

  • Processing fee is 9% of your total sales in excess of $100.00

» PayPal
Offers a unique, service that allows anyone to send payment to any one else. Customer can pay with a credit card, debit card, echeck, direct funds transfer from their bank account, or a balance transfer from their PayPal account.

You can code your products with the easy-to-use PayPal shopping cart - or PayPal also works nicely with the Dansie, and Mals-e shopping carts.

Account types: Personal, and Business

Accounts include the following features:

  • Send and receive money online from a credit card or checking account

  • Earn money market returns on your PayPal balance

  • Every account insured up to $100,000

  • Email-based customer service

  • Rates are lower than most other providers

  • No set up fees or monthly minimums

» Verotel
Use if selling content or if you have a 'members only' area.

  • Verotel sells the tickets for your subscriptions

  • Online credit card and check billing options

  • 1-900 telephone billing

  • Per minute billing

  • Processes payment twice per month

  • Your own Advertising Program

  • Direct Deposit

  • Available internationally

  • Supports recurring billing

  • $15.00 fee for chargebacks

  • Holds 10% of all transactions as a reserve for 6-months

  • Fees range from 12% to 19% per transaction

  • No monthly minimums and no setup fee

»  ProPay
Enables you to accept credit cards and other forms of payment as traditional merchants do. Can be used by anyone with a PDA or Internet-connected computer. ProPay can be used with the Mals-e shopping cart.

  • Add Funds from credit card 3.5% of transaction plus $.35

  • Get Paid by credit card 3.5% of transaction plus $.35

  • Refund a credit card $.35 Electronic check (ACH) $.35

  • Beam Cash between ProPay accounts FREE

  • Beam Cash from a credit card 3.5% of transaction plus $.35

  • $20.00 Non-sufficient funds
    (negative balances in ProPay account)

  • $10.00 Return fee on electronic check (ACH) transfers

  • $10.00 fee for all Investigations

  • $10.00 fee for all Retrieval requests

  • Must be a US citizen

  • $250.00 single transaction limit, $1,000.00 per month limit

  • $15.00 fee for chargebacks

  • Delivers revenues to merchants three days from the date of the sale.

» iBill

  • Allows sale of both products and services

  • Various packages are available that can be customized to fit merchants' needs

  • Holds 10% of revenue from each billing period

  • No fee for chargebacks

  • Delivers revenues to merchants twice monthly

  • Processing fee is 15% of sales volumes $9,999 per month and under.

» DigiBuy 
For publishers of software, shareware, electronic art, information, and data. Build a secure storefront to merchandise your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet.

  • 13.9% Order Processing Fee

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Enhanced Sales Reporting

  • Cookie-Based Shopping Cart System

  • Fax/Phone Order Options

» More Resources
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