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Resource Community for starting your gift basket business!
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Resource Guide:
Start Your Gift Basket Business Ebook

We offer a step-by-step guide that covers time proven methods of starting, running and profiting from your own retail or home based Gift Basket business.
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THE RESOURCE GUIDE takes you step-by-step . . .

Resource Guide: Start Your Gift Basket Business ebook
You will learn how to:

- evaluate different locations
- estimate your start-up costs
- what inventory you should start with
- where to find wholesale products
- how to assemble your basket design
- write your business plan
- write and send a press release

- set up a bookkeeping method right for you
- ship and deliver
- creative basket design
- promote your business affordably
- how to price your services and inventory
- target your market with effective advertising and marketing methods
- operate your business, maintain a profit margin and much more!


What People Are Saying About This Ebook ...

I was able to download the resource guide successfully. I love it! It is packed with very useful information and I can't wait to get started with my own business. Your site and services are excellent! Keep up the good work.
- Kelly R.

Thank you so much! I've bought several other books from Amazon to learn the basics of how to start my gift basket business, and your ebook had everything I was looking for. Wish I had found it sooner - would have saved myself some money - didn't need the other books!
- Susan G. from Florida

I have downloaded the guide & it is most helpful. Thanks so much. There is a tons of stuff in there I didn't even consider or think about. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the gift basket business.
- Melissa D.

Yeah! Finally some good honest information about how to start a gift basket business. Your ebook has tons of great ideas, and advice about what I need to think about before I actually set up business.
- MaryLou W. from California
Have recommended your ebook to several of my friends, because this one is the best! Love the way you lay everything out, plain and simple. Just a wonderful resource.
- Janie P. from New Mexico
Wow! Compared to the other books on this gift basket subject, I have to say - this ebook is great! Realistic, detailed, and very, very helpful. I am using this as my bible because I am real close to opening my business. Can't thank you enough!
- Tom L. from New York


Section 1
- Startup Basics
- Entrepreneur Evaluation
- Small Business To-Do List

Section 2
Location: Home-Based vs Storefront

Section 3
Resources and Equipment

Section 4
How Much Will This Cost Me?

Section 5
Assembly, Inventory and Pricing

Section 6
Advertising, Marketing and Promotion

Section 7
Managing Your Time

Section 8
Bookkeeping and Taxes

Section 9
To Grow or Not to Grow?

Section 10
Glossary of Retail Terms


With your purchase of the Resource Guide you also receive:

  • our Wholesale Directory
    with over 700 gourmet & gift industry vendors

  • National Directory of Gift Marts & Gift Centers

           . . . as our FREE GIFTS to you!



Resource Guide   $18.95
- immediate download with over 200 pages
- includes the Wholesale Directory as our free gift to you
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Wholesale Directory   $9.95
- immediate download with over 700 wholesale suppliers
- Wholesale Directory only
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